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Potential partners

At Boostmybrain we are always ready to forge new links with potential partners and research collaborators. If you are interested in a collaboration perspective, please read the information below:

Business Development

Boostmybrain is interested in a partnership providing cognitive training to various groups If you are interested in using Boostmybrain in a company, wellness group or center of life and retirement, we would like to discuss with you. We are also open to potential discussions with a view to branding and business development in general. Please contact us at devcom@boostmybrain.com


Boostmybrain is currently engaged in several research projects using our brain training and cognitive fitness platform. If you are interested in a possible collaboration and research opportunity, please contact us at recherche@boostmybrain.com


If you are part of the press and would like more information about our program, or would like to speak to someone from Boostmybrain, please contact us at presse@boostmybrain.com