Can I use the same email for multiple accounts?

Each Boostmybrain account must be tied to a unique email address. There is no way around this restriction.


Creating a new email address

You can create a new email address for free through providers like Gmail or Yahoo, then sign up for Boostmybrain using that new address. Or, if you are already using Gmail, you can create a Boostmybrain account with a variation of your email address.


Creating variations of your email address in Gmail

If you use Gmail, you can add “+” and some text to your email address when creating a new Boostmybrain account. Messages will go to your original email address, but you’ll be able to have multiple Boostmybrain accounts.

For example, suppose you have the email address my-family@gmail.com, and you share it with your spouse. If your spouse wants their own Boostmybrain account, they can use my-family+jane@gmail.com or my-family+tarzan@gmail.com. In this example, “jane” can be replaced with any text; just make sure to put it between the + and the @. Mail to any of these variations will go to my-family@gmail.com.


Using the same email on multiple devices

You should use the same Boostmybrain account every time you train, whether you train online, on a computer or on a mobile device. Just log in to your existing account – using the same email address – on all devices. Your membership will sync across devices.

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