Can multiple members train on the same computer or mobile device?


Multiple members can train on the same computer or mobile device. However, each member should completely log out of their Boostmybrain account at the end of their training.

If a member does not log out, the next member to use the same device may be logged in to the previous member’s account and could end up training on the wrong account.

The name of the account you are currently logged in to can be seen on the right of the picture on the account page.

If your name is not shown, you will need to log out before you can log in to the correct account.

Then, visit the login page to sign in with your email address and your password.

Please note: Even if you click a link in your own training reminder email, if the last person to train has not logged out, you will be taken to their account. This is why it is important that each user logs out completely after each session.

Please note that we cannot remove or alter game scores once they have been recorded.

If you’re still having trouble accessing your account or you’ve received an invalid password message, please visit this FAQ.

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